How to use gmail account with mac mail

1. Sign up for Gmail.

Make sure all the services you wish to sync are checked, and if your custom name did not save, click the Details button and under Description , enter a good descriptive name for your account. Click OK, and your Gmail account is now setup on your Mac.

How to add an Email Account to Mac Mail

Now when you get a new email message, it will appear inside of Apple Mail. Scrubly Features Blog About. Bob Thordarson.

2. Enter your Gmail details into Apple mail on your iMac, Mac Mini or Macbook.

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How-To Tech and Productivity.. For Gmail, we'll use pop. This is your full email address.

How to replace Apple Mail on the Mac, and why you might want to switch

The password you set when creating your account. This is required for Gmail, and it's also a good security measure.

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  4. Apple Mail Gmail.
  5. Set Authentication to Password. Outgoing Mail Server: This will be set to smtp. Make sure this checkbox is checked.

    Set up a Gmail Account Using the Mac's Mail Application

    User Name: We're done! Your setup should look very similar to ours. However, there are still a couple things we need to check before we start sending and receiving email. We just need to make sure that Mail did everything it was supposed to do. You'll be back in the Mail account preferences.

    Click on Server Settings. Make sure everything looks correct, and make sure the server port is set to , not If port doesn't work, you can try When you're finished, click OK. Select the Advanced tab. That's it!

    Eventually removed her gmail from Apple mail, restarted, and attempted add gmail account. Process after email identity and password hangs. Same when I attempt to add internet account through Preferences, says cannot confirm gmail account?? I can still send gmail to her account from my gmail. Is reinstalling OS High Sierra next move? Your removing of Gmail and then adding it again was a good idea.

    How to Use Gmail on a Mac

    Is this all on the same computer or do you have 2 computers? I had an issue with the set up and wonder if anyone has some advice. I struck the same problem as Terry this morning. Hangs as above. The gmail works ok on my old mid Mackbook Pro, though. I set up Gmail amount in MAC mail.