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Before you purchase an external drive, use this guide to learn more about the various types of external drives and how they connect to a Mac. Taking a DIY approach and building your own external drive for your Mac allows you to pick the enclosure you like, with the interface you need, and install the type of drive you want. And in some cases, you can do this less expensively than buying a pre-built, off-the-shelf model. Of course, you have to spend some time looking for the best enclosure for the project, as well as decide which drive you want and where to purchase it, so in the long run, it takes more time than just buying a ready-to-run solution.

There are a few sites and manufacturers you can always check when in the market for a ready-to-go solution.

Best external dvd drives for mac

That's where you buy the external drive enclosure, the drive, and any necessary cables, already assembled. The advantage is that you end up with a quick solution to your storage expansion needs. Simply remove the drive from the shipping box, plug it into power and your Mac, flip the switch, format the drive , and you're ready to go. Now that you have an external drive, you may want to consider moving your home folder to that drive, to free up space on your Mac's startup drive. This is especially true if your Mac has an SSD for a startup drive.

Moving your user data will provide a lot of free space on the SSD. But this only works if your Mac is always connected to the external drive. If you tuck your Mac under your arm and hit the road without the external drive, you'll be leaving all your user data behind. This guide provides details for using Disk Utility. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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Buffalo Technology has a line of desktop drives called DriveStation that are often used for backup solutions. Many of the models support multiple drives as well as data encryption.

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The company also offers NAS network attached storage models for a complete network solution to your expansion needs. G-Technology has a wide range of products to choose from, including its popular G Drive series of desktop drives, available in single and multi-drive configurations.

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G-Technology's portable lineup is also impressive and includes multi-drive portable options. Many of the enclosures make use of solid-state drives SSDs to really help boost your Mac's performance. You'll also find a good selection of RAID systems , including docking stations that let you replace a drive without having to power off the storage system.

LaCie has external drives for mobile use; simply pick one up and go. There are also drives available for desktop use or creating RAID arrays. Other World Computing may have the widest selection of desktop, portable, and RAID-based external storage solutions available specifically for the Mac. Working great so far with my Mac! Plugged it right into the USB on my Mac and it was ready to go. Very easy to use. Skip to main content. Best external dvd drives for mac What makes these the best picks?

Top Three Picks. See buying details. What customers said:. Q: compatible with mac book air? A: It works fine with my Mac Book Pro. Q: Does this unit work with Mac High Sierra A: Yes, without any interruption. Q: Will this work with a Macbook? A: No problem, plugged into a Mac and worked out of the box. A: That is the reason I got mine for my Mac! It works great!! Q: will this work with an iMac late ?

A: I have a Mac Pro late and it works just fine I would think you should have no issues. See more. Q: Will this work on a mini mac? Confoly Seller.

A: Hello Wynne A. Stevens,Yes,it can work well with the mini mac. Q: does it work with Mac Book air ? A: Dear Elis Lira,yes, it can work well with the mac 12",just plug and play. Q: Does it work with an imac?

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A: Hello Susan Hanssen,yes it can! Q: Does anyone have a non- mac laptop with windows 10 using this?

Will it work well without installing anything else? A: Dear David M. Stearns,this usb c superdrive is not only use for mac ,but also use for other laptop and pc with windows. As the windows 10 is the latest window system,so sometimes it will limit some drive function,the best way is that you install a new DVD player for the it,thanks.