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How to Resolve Corrupt Outlook 2011 Database Issue

Microsoft Office has become a staple in most, if not all, offices around the world. You may be currently using Office , which is the newest form of Microsoft Office. The new office search is called compliance search and can be found in the office compliance center. This office search is perfect to search across all of your programs and data, which also includes Outlook data. The newest Office search will allow you to:. These new features will help bring your Office searches to a new level.

The scale of your searches is limitless and it even allows you to run multiple searches simultaneously.

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When you are using Outlook with Office , you can search for messages and search for people. Outlook search is a great and helpful tool to find the items or contacts you need. You will notice from the steps above that when you start to type in a name in the Search Mail and People search box that the Search People option will automatically come up. You can search for a person, a group, or a resource.

Well if your Outlook search is not working it is likely to be an indexing issue, and you will have to correct it for the Outlook search to work properly again. The issue may lie in the fact that when you installed Office , you could have lost your Outlook index. If your results come up empty, you will need to rebuild the index.

Rebuilding the index in Outlook is necessary in when your search results come up empty. When you use Outlook for a long time, Outlook search will eventually run into the same issue.

It will most likely be another indexing problem, but following the previous steps will give you a heads up and have Outlook search running properly once again. ITFixTech is one of the finest support firms. Our firm has no direct connection with any company or services mentioned in the website. We also confirm that all the trademarks and logos which are used have no connection with us and they are only used in the website just for informational purposes. If you would like to give any suggestion to us against any wrong which you have noticed, then do call us instantly.

Remove Windows Search feature from Control Panel. Open Windows Control Panel. Step 2. Enable the Windows Search feature from Control Panel. Step 3. Rebuild Windows Index. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu. Under Personal click on Spotlight. Switch to the Privacy tab. Now select the drive s you just added and click the "-" button to remove it from the list Spotlight will start indexing of the removed drive automatically.

If you are using Outlook in more than one capacity, such as at home and at work, Outlook may be configured to have multiple identities. Each identity stores separate sets of email, address books, tasks, calendars, account settings, and more. If Outlook has multiple identities, one of the identities might be damaged. Try to use a different identity to determine whether this is the problem. If an identity is damaged, you must create a new identity to resolve this problem. To create a new identity, follow these steps:. If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, the Outlook database most likely is damaged beyond repair.

If there are no viable backups available and there are no other sources of the data such as another computer or a handheld device , you will have to start from scratch because the data is not recoverable. To start from scratch, you have to drag the Office Identity folder only if there are no other identities to the Trash, and then restart Outlook.

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To remedy this, we recommend a few steps from Microsoft to resolve many of the more common issues: Rebuild the Outlook for Mac database to resolve problems This article describes how to rebuild the identity database to resolve problems in Microsoft Outlook for Mac The identity contains a set of email messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, accounts settings, and more. Your identity is located in the Microsoft User Folder data. If you have any of the following problems, the database might be damaged, and you might have to rebuild your identity database by using the Microsoft Database Utility: Outlook doesn't open, stops responding, or quits unexpectedly.

How to fix outlook 2016 for Mac Search function?

Outlook items don't open, or the item that opens is not the item that you selected. Blank lines appear in the Outlook message list or in Outlook contacts. Outlook contact entries are not displayed correctly.

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How to Fix Outlook Search Function Not Working

You can't find information that you added to Outlook, such as a calendar event or a contact. When you perform a search in Outlook, the search results don't match the criteria that you set. A blank Office Reminders window appears. The clippings in the Scrapbook disappear. Authored by Paul McMonagle. Last modified Is this article helpful? Yes No.