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You create a new profile and the desired synchronization method in the first step. Once done, you configure the new sync profile in detail in the second step. A simple version of the configuration is displayed to you by default. You can change that to an expert configuration if you prefer that which displays all available options and some not available in the free version.

The expert options leave little to be desired.

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At the very least, it is necessary to add two folders to the profile but you can do a lot more than that. For instance, it is possible to define detailed compare options that determine whether files are equal or not based no parameters that you can adjust in the settings. Next to that, it is the only program supporting compression and encryption of files, and ftp servers. Another interesting and unique feature it offers is a performance estimation for the profile highlighting settings that may slow down the profile.

The program is probably the easiest to set up thanks to its streamlined interface. One you click the new button you are taken to the configuration screen where you configure all sync related options. Before you run a sync operation, you may want to run a scan first as it provides information about the job. It lists files and folders to synchronize, the total size of the data and errors that it ran into.

A click on errors reveals those while details lists all files and folders and their status in regards to the other folder. A right-click on folders or files displays options to override the default rules in place. You can block files from being synchronized or copied for instance. When you first start Synchredible after installation you are taken directly to the task wizard which you can use to create a first sync job.

Adding a new sync job is not complicated and every option that you can select is well explained. It takes seven steps pages to set up your first sync job which can be a bit overwhelming if you never used a sync software before. The wizard covers all necessary information on the other hand giving you full control over the process. Here is a quick rundown of the steps:. Jobs can be run manually at any time or only manually if you want that. Another interesting feature is the program's group option. You can add multiple jobs to a group to run all jobs of that group in one operation.

Before you run the first job you may want to check the program's options first as they list quite a few sync related preferences.

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Verification is enabled for instance by default while the saving of reports is not. You can also mail reports, suppress error messages during jobs, change the buffer size or disable log file creation. Sync jobs that run show the progress of the operation in the interface. There is also an option to pause the job.

The List of Best Mac Synchronization Software

Synkron supports folder synchronizations and multi-syncs. The difference between the two operations is that a folder sync is keeping files in sync between two or more folders while multisync syncing multiple source folders with one destination folder. Once you have added at least two folders you can hit the analyze button to display information about the current sync status. All folders not synced currently are listed for synchronization but you can blacklist files or folders to exclude them from the process.

Advanced options are available as well which you can use to define additional sync related preferences such as not creating empty folders or syncing hidden files and folders. Once you hit sync all files and folders are processed and displayed to you so that you know exactly where the process is at. There is no progress bar on the other hand which means that you don't know how long jobs will take to complete. This comes down to your requirements more than anything else. Synchredible overall made the best impression as it offers an immense number of options to set up synchronization jobs on your devices.

SyncFolders is another excellent program. While it may lack certain features, it makes up for them with its straightforward interface which is probably the easiest to use. You cannot go wrong with both of them unless you require a specific feature that one of the programs does not offer. Update : SyncBackFree is another excellent program that ships with a couple of unique features.

It is probable the feature-richest program of all programs mentioned in this article. If you don't require two-way syncing, then Bvckup may be another interesting choice. The program supports delta-copying which should speed up consecutive sync jobs significantly. Now You : Which program is your favorite when it comes to file synchronization on Windows? Do any of them support continuous real time operation as well as automatic at discrete scheduled times? You can configure Synchredible to check every x minutes for files that need to be synchronized.

I liked Synchredible until it pesters you every 10 minutes or less to buy a copy. It is so annoying that even though it works really well, its prompting to buy a copy interferes with getting work done. I have uninstalled it. I just synced two 2T external drives containing hundreds of folders and tens of thousands of files without a hitch and without a single prompt to buy anything.

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This same operation choked a couple lesser programs, locking me out of my drives until a reboot, including Aoemi backerupper. Highly recommended. The help instructions explain how to do this pretty clearly.

FreeFileSync: Folder Comparison

You can then put the customized RealTimeSync shortcut in your Startup folder. Once it is running, RealTimeSync monitors the folders referenced in the batch file for changes and, when a change is detected, it runs FreeFileSync in background.

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When RealTimeSync first starts, it has to enumerate files on the remote computer s. On a hardwired Ethernet network, changes to a file on one computer usually show up on the other within a couple of minutes. If the same file changes on both sides since the last sync — e.

What's the best free file synchronization software for Windows?

Resolving conflicts is easy. You run the batch file in FreeFileSync manually and click the Compare button. All the as-yet-unsynced files are listed, and the conflicted ones are flagged with a lighting-bolt icon. You indicate which direction to sync the conflicted files in by changing the lighting bolt to a right or left arrow and then you click Synchronize. Finally, you can set up your FreeFileSync batch job to back up any file deleted or changed by a sync operation, with or without versioning. The bundled adware business is distasteful — they seem to be alternating between OpenCandy and whatever Martin mentioned in the article — but if you get tricked into installing it they got me once, on an update , Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free can probably take it out.

Why is it called free. All the programs I want to download tell me that I have to pay. Maybe it is only free when you write an review :. FreeFileSync actually is free donation-ware. If you donate, you get clean installers. The file synced halfway through the download, and when it tried to sync again after completion, it threw a conflict and I got a popup.

It took me a minute to resolve, by running FreeFileSync manually and telling it to overwrite the half-completed file with the completed file. I can live with that a couple of times a year. The smaller jobs run and complete much faster than one massive job does and they can run concurrently. The faster and shorter the run, the smaller the blind spot, and the fewer outstanding unsynced files after each run.

Anyway, long story short, FreeFileSync and RealTimeSync can take some time to master and fine-tune, but once you do, it can result in blissfully thought-free, effort-free, error-free automation.