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With a firm foundation in traditional church music, she truly sings with spirit. Extra bonus is you get to see what the Hideout looks like during daylight hours. Last time they played they were 8 tickets away from selling out so get them now! All gender expressions are welcome. Be sure to get your tickets today! Langford and the Hideout means a packed house. The most lovable hosts every Brian Costello and Abraham Levitan hold down the fort!

2018 Hip-Hop Album Releases: The Ultimate Guide

On top of that base sits an equally versatile, powerfully soulful horn section, and a lead vocalist adept at jazz, pop and hip hop. Will be a face-melting good time! The Interview Show features guests from every walk of life sharing their world views and talents in a laid-back, intimate setting. Come out and pay tribute to this girl we all know and love as she says bon voyage to Chicago.

Roaring out of Cabbagetown, GA, they blended a unique mixture of dark, swampy rock influences into a thick primordial stew that defies categorization … Pop? Theirs was music of passion and lust, love and heartbreak, hope and despair, triumph and failure, heat and humidity. Get a lqqk together and come on out! In this series CFA has been inviting well known Chicago guests to curate an evening of film selections. A longtime performer at fundraisers, open mics and parties, Heidi Serwer began writing songs a couple of years ago, and the results were startling: instantly memorable melodies, keenly observed situations and a big-hearted approach to her characters and subjects.

The Hideout will become the Heid-out for her Dec. Various local singers lend their voices to ten simple tunes. A night of puppets, noise and weirdness sure to be had. Hosted by lovable scamps Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin, Late Late Breakfast is a unique mixed-format standup show that offers something for everybody!

10 Rap Songs Overdue for Retirement

But, what they might lack in polish, they more than make up for in raw nerve. The show will feature some obscure country and western tunes and a good time will be had by all! We shall put the corn in your ucopia.

The project began as art-damaged punk in and eventually traversed every known american pop music genre: country, blues, jazz, folk, soul and experimental. Cavan, Ireland. She moved to Dublin, aged 18, to study music on a full time basis. Early on she was welcomed into the folk and traditional scene in pubs and venues around the city where her singular voice, witty lyrics and observations on modern Irish life gained her popularity and set her apart as a unique talent.

The songs on their new album, Savage Imagination, are imbued with a relentless cheerfulness that belies their technicality. Spinning the best tracks of the 50s, 60s and 70s this dance party is always a blast and tonight should be a blow-out so get those dancing shoes on! I was glad to be among them. She moved back to the States and started making buttons for bands and record labels.

The band plays classic prohibition-era jazz and standards from the Great American Songbook. The Late Late Breakfast presents a new reason to roll out of bed early on the weekend. There are many reasons we are hosting this tribute but one is to mark the official release of the Stephanie Morris and the Rest album she recorded in , but which has gone largely unheard until tonight when it is released on CDR and digitally.

Only For The Plugs - DJ Ben Frank, Mixtape Monopoly - stream and download

Dianogah , the rock band Stephanie toured with and appeared on their last album, will headline. Chicago , a charity that encourages young women to become involved with music. We look to honor her life and memory tonight and hope you will attend. Bonzie , who is generating an enormous amount of buzz in the local and national press is doing the headlining set.

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As always, Sam Wahl will be the host with the most! The Arts of Life Band makes danceable party music with a rock edge.

It is an ongoing collaborative project between disabled and non-disabled artists in the Chicago area, based out of the Arts of Life community of artists. They often cross genre boundaries, playing a blend of power-pop, country, and jazz. This part late-night talk show, part variety show, part community meeting is just what Chicago ordered. Featuring live music, sketches, interviews and shenanigans, the Alderman is back and stronger than ever. Hell, he may even run for mayor…again.

Lil B Mixtape

This album received a 7. The evening will conclude with a very special Halloween surprise from Girl Group Chicago. Hideout Chicago. This Week at the Hideout! Hi Friends! See you soon! The Hideout. While most of these other entries are plagued by an excess of misguided ideas, this one seems almost understated by comparison, as if to embody the minimalist aesthetic of Apple. Take out the tacky border and swap G-Unit's guns for iPhones, and you basically have an Apple product brochure for the streets.

It's as if this mixtape cover was commissioned by D. I don't know. It occurs to me that I might be expecting far too much in the way of consistency from a guy who approved this mixtape cover, featuring three completely clashing fonts, six distinct shades of red, and a very obvious phone call to no one. It's an approach that is simultaneously incredibly detail-oriented and utterly haphazard—sort of the loose equivalent to taking an hour to decide which brick to use to throw through someone's window.

From what I understand about obsessive fans, this is the type of error that either drives them insane or inspires them to write a lot of creepy fan fiction.

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It's almost a shame that Nicki stopped here instead of continuing to intentionally troll her fans. I would have loved to see Nicki quintupling down on these existing inconsistencies by wearing elf ears, wielding a lightsaber, and saying the words "Avada Kedavra" via speech bubble.

I really only chose to include it on this list because it conveys a sentiment that seems very salient at this particular moment. Though they no longer have anything to offer from a cultural standpoint, these songs remain a fixture within the popular zeitgeist, taunting us with their lasting ubiquity. From Missy Elliott to Lil Jon, let's count down what we can remember.

With all four members of Black Hippy operating at their absolute apex, the Rap Crew title belt is theirs to lose.