How many calories does a mcdonald big mac meal have

Vanilla Kiddie Cone. Chocolate Shake Large. Dasani Bottled Water. Minute Maid Blue Raspberry Slushie. Vegetarian-friendly items at McDonald's may include:.


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McDonald's Products, Calories and Nutritional Information

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These are the McDonald's meals with the highest calories and you may be surprised by the results

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This new addition to the Big Mac lineup was the inspiration behind my investigation of the Mickey D's nutritional menu. This grand addition has 61 percent more beef than the already beefy original Big Mac, so you know this burger means business. And by business, we mean calories , to be exact. OK, duh. Anyone ordering 20 pieces of fried chicken should expect this, if not more. I think I'll opt for the 10 piece instead.

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  • The Most Caloric Items on McDonald's Menu.

To my dismay, when I rolled through the closest McD's window, the Big Breakfast was not being served. I settled for the hot cakes breakfast instead, as it pictured above is similar to the big breakfast, only lacking a biscuit and side of scrambled eggs. This big and bold breakfast tops our list of most caloric Mickey D's items at a whopping 1, calories and 57 g of fat. Not sure I'd be able to move after consuming all of that early in the morning, though.

How Many Calories in That Big Mac?

And there you have it, 10 of the most caloric items that occupy the McDonald's menu. With unique menus to each market, we wonder how the international items stack up to the USA's. While I expected a Big Mac to contain in the region of calories, I was surprised that a medium milkshake has calories, medium fries contain calories and a Chicken Legend burger, which I stupidly assumed would contain fewer calories than other sandwiches, contains a whopping calories.

The recommended daily average calorie intake for men is 2,, and for women it's 2, This means if I waltz into a McD's and order a Chicken Legend with medium fries and a milkshake, I'll be consuming For a woman, the percentage would rise to The least calorific main meal would be six chicken nuggets with no dip boo!

But will displaying this information make anyone change their order? I'd be as likely to order a lower-calorie option as I would be to walk into a Chinese restaurant and order roast chicken and chips — it's simply not what I want from fast food. Moreover, how can anyone make an informed choice about food while staggering into a fast food outlet after the pub has closed? Greggs, Starbucks and Burger King have also signed up to the government's Out of Home calorie labelling pledge and will introduce it in their outlets from next year.