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I am using this in this time. On my laptop, but please don't tell this to Apple, because practically this is illegal. If you are making simple apps with minimum UI, you can use Theos. Also with Theos you can create cydia tweaks. Only one problem: codesign. I used all of this ways and all is working.

By my VM is best solution if you don't want to spend lot of time by installing Hackintosh. You can use Smartface for developing your app with javascript and deploy to stores directly without a Mac. What they say is below. With the Cloud Build module, Smartface removes all the hassle of application deployment. Smartface Cloud can store all your iOS certificates and Android keystores in one place and signing and building is fully in the cloud. No matter which operating system you use, you can get store-ready or enterprise distribution binaries. Smartface frees you from the lock-in to Mac and allows you to use your favorite operating system for development.

After you created your Certification file, You can upload it to Ionic Pro. You can build. But unfortunately I didn't found another way to upload the. So I decided to use a pay-as-you-go Mac in cloud account you pay only for minutes you are logged in since the time I spend on Mac is very limited few minutes per App publication.

Most framework like React Native and Ionic allows you to built on their server. Meaning that they can help you compile and provide you with and. Both of these are only available on OSX. To overcome this solution you have 2 options that I am aware of. It is vey simple to code into xamarin and make your ios apps by using C code. Learn more about Teams. Build an iOS app without owning a mac? Asked 5 years, 11 months ago.

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Active 6 months ago. Viewed k times. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm new to mobile development and I would like to develop an app to submit to the apple store. But I am heavily discouraged by the prices of the macs that I am developing the app in mind.

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Let's say I know exactly what I want and how to code it. Can someone please tell me I'm delusional?

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How To Submit An App To App Store With xCode 8

You need a Mac for serious iOS development. And they are not that expensive after all. And don't forget a handful of iOS devices to test on - apps that didn't get tested on the available hardware generally show deficiencies. The delusional part begins with "I know how to code it" Think of some weeks to get a project running that's worth showing someone.

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Polishing it and making it "shop-worthy" will be tough work. I really can only think of the most useless apps i. Xcode is not a compiler - it is only necessary for generating the certificates to submit your app to the AppStore. Let me tell you step by step few years back I was in same situation.

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Check this iOS requirements for Xamarin developer. Steps from that page: One : Install exp by running npm install -g exp Two : Configure app. Is this also possible with other frameworks, e. Qt and JavaFXPorts? DanielZiltener I am not familiar with neither, but I think the answer is no. When you're done with this, click "Create". Donald Duck Donald Duck 4, 13 13 gold badges 42 42 silver badges 66 66 bronze badges. The Vm works fine. My solution as below: 1.

Go to appleid. Go application loader, copy and paste the auto-generate PW Done.

There was a comment in the release notes to the effect that the build tooling should handle it. I tried to archive and distribute from VS on Windows, and got a file path length error, so that doesn't seem to work. I did install Xcode This command worked fine for me with the new xCode.

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DuaneCraw Would you be able to share how you installed XCode Update : I have managed to download and install version I am able to use Visual Studio to distribute my app. Still need to get the App Specific password from the apple id account page. If you did, how did you resolve those issues? DuaneCraw Thank you very much for the steps you provided. I had originally installed XCode So instead of installing XCode My previous successful upload was after I had installed XCode I did not have any issues with the path. Path, not including filename. Xamarin Inc. The sebsequent page asks if you want to enroll as an individual, as a company, or as a government organization.

Apple will attempt to confirm this information with your credit card company, so make sure you enter it correctly. Now you will be prompted with the cost and summary for the purchase. You have the option for automatic renewal every year, which saves having to remember to renew and prevents any chance that your apps become unavailable apps will be removed from the store once the account is no longer active.

Note : The following steps only apply to countries with online Apple Stores. For countries without online Apple Stores, the process will be slightly different, requiring you to fax your credit card information to Apple. Still here? Fill out the payment screen. Verify your billing information for the purchase. Finally, confirm your intent to purchase the membership:. At this point you should download Xcode by proceeding to the Apple App Store using the App Store icon on your application dock. Apple places the latest non-beta release in the App Store.