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So she sat by the kitchen fire and cried. Now Cinderella was not so much alone after all, for her godmother, who was a fairy, appeared before her and asked her why she was crying. You too shall go to the ball. Now say nothing, but do just what I tell you.

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Go first into the garden and fetch me the largest pumpkin you can find. In a moment it became a splendid coach lined with rose-colored satin. It contained six of the fattest, sleekest mice you ever saw. He took her' in to supper, and danced with all evening. Even the old king was charmed with the sweetness and beauty of the unknown princess. Cinderella was very proud and happy, but she did not forget what her fairy godmother had told her; so just before the clock struck twelve she hurried out of the ballroom and into her coach.

When she reached home, her coach and 28 Old Fairy Tales horses became what they were at first, and her beautiful clothes changed into her old rags. The next night there was another ball at the palace, and the two sisters had some new clothes to wear. As soon as they had left the house, the fairy godmother appeared and dressed Cinderella in still more beautiful clothes than she had worn the night before. The young prince was so charmed with her that he never left her side, and he tried very hard to find out who she was.

When it drew near midnight Cinderella slipped away from the prince, and tried to leave the palace without being seen; but the prince was determined to know who the stranger was.

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He hurried after Cinderella, and caught her just as she was stepping into her coach. The frightened girl sprang away with a start, but in doing this she dropped one of her little glass slippers. You can imagine what a squeezing of feet went on all over the city, for the glass slipper was said to be very small. When the herald came to the house of the merchant, the two sisters were sure that the slipper would fit one of them.

But though they squeezed and pinched and pulled their hardest, the slipper would not go on. The slipper could not fit her. To the surprise of all, not only did the slipper fit her perfectly, but she pulled from the pocket of her ragged dress the other glass slipper.

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Then as Cinderella stood up, the herald took her hand to lead her to the prince. Cinderella gladly forgave them. The prince was overjoyed when he learned that his beautiful princess had at last been found. Before many days he and Cinderella were married. Try to act the story of Cinderella. How many scenes do you need? You might have: 1 Cinderella and her sisters at home. Now decide who are in the first scene, and choose children to be these people. One girl will be Cinderella, and say what she thinks Cinderella would say, and so on.

Do you like the story of Cinderella?

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Does the story end as you hoped it would end? Draw Cinderella's glass slipper, or your own shoe. The little stars were the herring fish That lived in that beautiful sea. He was very fond of children, and used to tell them stories and make lovely poems for them. Write the lines that tell you what Wynken, Blynken, and Nod are. What is the wooden shoe?

Where did they sail, and what did they catch? How do you know it was all a dream?

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Have you ever had any, wonderful dreams? Did they seem real? You might tell one of these dreams.

There are some other poems by Eugene Field you will enjoy. Find one of his poems not in this book that you like very much, and read it to the class.

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To this feast he invited all his relatives and friends. He invited also the wise women of the kingdom, that they might be kind to the child and bring blessings to her. Now there were thirteen of these wise women in the kingdom; but the king had to leave one of them out, as he had only twelve golden plates to set before them. At the end of the feast, the wise women gave their wonderful gifts to the child; one gave virtue, another gave beauty, a third gave riches, and so on. One after another gave whatever there is in the world to wish for.

Every one was terrified at her saying. Then the twelfth came forward, for she had not yet given her gift; and though she could not do away with the evil prophecy yet she could soften it. The maiden grew up, adorned with all the gifts of the wise women; she was so lovely, modest, and sweet, and so kind and clever, that no one who saw her could help loving her.

It happened one day, when she was nearly fifteen years old, that the king and queen rode abroad, and the maiden was left alone in the castle. She wandered about into all the nooks and corners, as the fancy took her, till at last she came to an old tower. She turned the key, and the door opened. There in the little room she saw an old woman with a spindle, busily spinning flax. In that very moment she fell back upon the bed that stood there, and lay in a deep sleep. And this sleep fell upon the whole castle.

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The king and queen, who had returned and were in the great hall, fell fast asleep, and with them the whole court. The horses in their stalls, the dogs in the yard, the pigeons on the roof, the flies on the wall, the very fire that flickered on the hearth, became still, and slept like the rest. Even the wind ceased, and not a leaf fell from the trees. Then round about that place there grew a hedge of thorns thicker every year, until at last the whole castle was hidden from view, and nothing of it could be seen but the top of the The Sleeping Beauty 39 roof.

And a rumor went abroad in all that country of the beautiful sleeping Rosamond, as the princess was called. He heard an old man tell that there was a castle standing behind a hedge of thorns, and that a beautiful enchanted princess named Rosamond had slept there for a hundred years, with the king and queen and the whole court.

All had been caught and pierced by the thorns, and had died a cruel death. For now the hundred years were at an end, and the day had come when Rosamond was to be awakened. When the prince drew near the hedge of thorns, it was changed into a hedge of The Sleeping Beauty 41 large and beautiful flowers, which parted and bent aside to let him pass, and then closed behind him a thick hedge again. When he reached the castle yard he saw the horses and the hunting dogs lying asleep; and on the roof the pigeons were sitting with their heads under their wings.

When he came indoors the flies on the wall were asleep, and the kitchen maid had the black fowl on her lap ready to pluck. All was so quiet that he could hear his own breathing. At last he came to the tower, and went up the winding stair, and came to the room where Rosamond lay. When he saw her looking so lovely in her sleep, he could not turn away his eyes. As he stooped and kissed her, she opened her eyes, and looked kindly on him. Then she rose and they went forth together. At the same moment the king and queen and the whole court waked up, and gazed on each other, their eyes big with wonderment.

The horses in the yard got up and shook themselves; the pigeons on the roof drew their heads from under their wings, m—4. Then the wedding of the prince and Rosamond was held with all splendor, and they lived very happily together until the end of their lives. Why did the thirteenth wise woman put the curse upon the baby?

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What happened to make it come true? How long did the princess sleep and who woke her up? Tell how the story ends. If you have a sand tray, build the castle with the hedge round it, and horses, dogs and pigeons all asleep. If you have plasticine, model them. See that your castle has a tower. In this meadow there was a barn, which the man had built to keep his hay in. Now, I must tell you that there had not been much hay in the barn for some time.

Every The Princess on the Glass Hill 43 year, when the grass was just about full grown — when it stood greenest and deepest — it was eaten up in a single night. On the next day the grass was all gone, just as if a large flock of sheep had been there feeding all the night. The loss of his hay, every year, made the man very angry.